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Hanging Scaffold

Hanging scaffold is a moderately light, easy to reposition construction work platform suspended from a wall above ground by ropes and pulleys. Hanging (or suspended) scaffold provides worker safety by the means of guard railing.

Two-point hanging scaffold is perhaps the most common type of the suspended scaffold. It's also known as the "swing stage". Other types of hanging scaffold include single–point and multi-point adjustable hanging scaffolds, catenary hanging scaffold, interior hung scaffold, needle beam scaffold and a multi-level scaffold.

Two-point hanging scaffold is a platform that hangs on stirrups from two overhead supports. It can be moved up or down and fixed again, allowing access to different vertical areas of the structure. The multi-point adjustable platform is quite similar but using four or more points of support. A single-point adjustable hanging scafold hangs form one rope. It's typically used as a sort of "safety bucket" for one worker. A catenary hanging scaffold hangs from long supports and is somewhat similar to a hanging bridge in the way it looks. The interior hung scaffold is suspended from the ceiling inside the building. The needle beam hangings caffold is suspended from two parallel horizontal beams, called "needle beams".

Notably different among the various types of hanging scaffolds currently available on the North American market are the Wall Walker and Wall Crawler hanging scaffolds. These scaffolds are attached to the walls using special brackets, without ropes and pulleys.

In most states in North America only the workers that have proper certificates of fitness are allowed to work on the hanging scaffolds. A hanging scaffold permit is also required. The application for such permit is the official formal document and should be filed in compliance with the local state regulations; providing false information in such application is a crime.

The main purpose of the hanging scaffold is safe access for construction workers. We, All-Safe, LLC, take safety consideration very seriously. If your business needs a hanging scaffold (suspended scaffold), call to All-Safe, LLC to receive the best assistance, best equipment and best services the industry can provide. Our office number is 718-389-9400, call us!

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Please take a look at the followng four images, representing our hanging scaffold project for Kline Biology Tower at Yale University. (We also provided monorail crane for that project).

Hanging Scaffold 1

Hanging Scaffold 2

Hanging Scaffold 3

Hanging Scaffold 4

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